This department is mandated to look after the welfare of the most underprivileged sections of the society namely the Schedule Tribes, Scheduled Castes, Backward classes and Minorities and the task of bringing all round development of these sections. During the financial year 2008-09, it wills the endeavor of the state to continue the plans and programs with greater emphasis so that the Scheduled Tribes, the Scheduled Castes, the Backward Castes and Minorities could reap the benefit of the programs.

Name of Office Name of Officer Contact No Email
District Welfare Officer, Dhanbad(Incharge) Shri Niyaz Ahmad 7369926875
Block Welfare Officer, Jharia Surendra Hembram 9546553448
Block Welfare Officer, Govindpur Deepak Kumar 7549883012
Block Welfare Officer, Nirsa Ram Prasad Yadav 9430189771
Block Welfare Officer, Egarkund Reena Kumari 8340630696
Block Welfare Officer, Kaliasol Ram Prasad Yadav 9430189771
Block Welfare Officer, Tundi Bhikhan Prasad Verma 9939802181
Block Welfare Officer, Purvi Tundi Jiarul Islam 8210954876
Block Welfare Officer, Baghmara Rana Ramesh Singh 9470172188
Block Welfare Officer, Topchanchi Pradeep Mahato 9798553400
Block Welfare Officer, Baliapur Balmiki Prasad 7762013392


Description of Schemes

Sl. No Name of Scheme Caste Category
1 Protection of Civil Right Act (State Scheme) SC
2 SC, ST Atrocity Act- 1989 SC/ST
3 Hostel construction for SC Boys & Girls SC/ST/BC/MIN
4 (MsDP) for Minority Caste MIN
5 Cycle Scheme for Boys & Girls SC/ST/BC
6 Primary Schoo, Scholarship Class 1 to 4 SC/ST/BC
7 Middle School Scholarship Class 5 to 6 SC/ST/BC
8 High School Scholarship Class 7 to 10 SC/ST/BC
9 Post Matric Entrance Scholarship SC/ST/BC
10 Legal Aid SC
11 Legal Aid SC/ST
12 Medical  Aid SC/ST/BC
13 Boundary Wall of Tribe”s Jaheersthan/Hargandi/Masna/Sarna ST
14 Boundary for Graveyard MIN
15 SCA to TSP ST
16 Article 275(1) of the constitution ST