Office of the District Statistical officer, Economics and Statistics Directorate, comes under the Planning-cum-Finance Department (Planning Division), Jharkhand, Ranchi, in which the following functions are done by the office:

Agricultural Statistics

  1. Under the agriculture statistics, the report of all the four seasons (Bhadai, Aghani, Rabbi and Garma) received by the circles are compiled and sent timely to the Fast giants and general commodities ,economics and statistics directorate, Jharkhand, Ranchi. From where the data are made available to the government & C.S.O,Delhi.
  2. Harvesting of crops – AS per the order of State Government within all the four seasons, district office arrange the harvesting and do the harvesting of crop and Prime minister Crop Insurance scheme by block/circle supervisor and other employees though Online CCE Agri App. This figure updated online. The compensation amount is paid to the insured farmers on this same figure.
  3. Rainfall- Delay, the rainfall report is received from every blocks where rain gauge installed and sent to all the concerned officials.
  4. On the basis of the report received from the land utilization and the purified irrigation details from circles office, district office compiled the report and sends the annual report to the directorate(Ranchi).
  5. Farm Price Report – Consolidated report based on the report submitted by the blocks through the village ,which is notified in all the blocks for each season is send to the directorate.

Vital (Birth and Death)

  1. Registration of birth and death is to be done in all Health Centers, Sub-Health Centers, Community Health Centers, P.M.C.H., All Panchayats, all the circles of municipal corporations and Nagar Panchayat Chirkunda Registration unit. District statistical office provides all types of forms to the registration unit and obtained monthly report and statistical part and sends it to the directorate
  2. District Office will examine delayed registration for urban area and sanction the order of registration more than 30days to one year

District Statistic office will do Census work after every 10 year and economy census after every five year

The National Sample Survey is conducted in the survey by the State Government, and the survey schedules are conducted in the survey. Based on which Living of Standard is assessed

Other statistical Works – Salt Value Report, Kara Statistical Reporting, slaughter house report, Daily Wage Report of Agricultural Workers, Purchase and Sales Value Report, Weekly Report of Krishi Bazaar Samiti are received from all the concerned Offices and send it to the Directorate

Consumer Price Index (Labour Bureau)–In Jharia, price value are selected from Five markets under base year 2001-10(old series) and 4 markets under base year 2015=100(new series) and send it to Shimla, Chandigarh and Kanpur. On the basis of which every month price index calculated in Shimla and in every six month dearness allowance determined