Expenditure Account Register of Candidates


SL.NO Candidate Name 29.04.2019 04.05.2019 09.05.2019 Abstract Statement of Election Expenses
1 Bamapad Bauri Report(PDF 1.2MB) Report(PDF 1.9MB) Report(PDF 2.2MB) Report(PDF 3.3MB)
2 Deepak Kumar Das Report (PDF 715KB) Report(PDF 1.7MB) Report(PDF 406KB) Report(PDF 4.75MB)
3 Hiralal Shankhwar Report (PDF 2MB) Report(PDF 2.6MB) Report(PDF 882KB) Report(PDF 8MB)
4 KC Singh Raj Report (PDF 1.4MB) Report (PDF 1.3MB) Report(PDF 387KB) Report(PDF 3.66MB)
5 Kirti Azad Report (PDF 3.9MB) Report (PDF 3.3MB) Report(PDF 1.5MB) Report(PDF 7.3MB)
6 Laxmi Devi Report (PDF 2MB) Report (PDF 2.5MB) Report(PDF 904KB) Report(PDF 7.2MB)
7 Madhvi Singh Report (PDF 1.9MB) Report (PDF 2.5MB) Report(PDF 1.7MB) Report(PDF 3.25MB)
8 Mantosh Kumar Mandal Report (PDF 1.3MB) Report (PDF 1.6MB) Report(PDF 903KB) Report(PDF 3.42MB)
9 Meghnath Rawani Report (PDF 719KB) Report (PDF 2.7MB) Report(PDF 957KB) Report(PDF 5.2MB)
10 Meraj Khan Report (PDF 598KB) Report (PDF 743KB) Report(PDF 776KB) Report(PDF 3.45MB)
11 Mihir Chandra Mahto Report(PDF 685KB) Report (PDF 1.4MB) Report(PDF 809KB) Report(PDF 5.7MB)
12 P N Singh Report (PDF 3.7MB) Report (PDF 3.2MB) Report(PDF 1.7MB) Report(PDF 7.6MB)
13 Prem Prakash Paswan Report (PDF 610KB) Report (PDF 795KB) Report(PDF 566KB) Report(PDF 6.3MB)
14 Rajesh Kumar Singh Report (PDF 1.4MB) Report (PDF 2MB) Report(PDF 2.7MB) Report(PDF 4MB)
15 Ram Lal Mahto Report (PDF 1.8MB) Report (PDF 1.9MB) Report(PDF 1.1MB) Report(PDF 4.25MB)
16 Sanjay Paswan Report (PDF 1.9MB) Report (PDF 1.3MB) Report(PDF 865KB) Report(PDF 4.75MB)
17 Sidhharth Gautam Report (PDF 2.6MB) Report (PDF 8.3MB) Report(PDF 4.1MB) Report(PDF 4.9MB)
18 Sudhir Kumar Mahto Report (PDF 1.8MB) Report (PDF 2.4MB) Report(PDF 766KB) Report(PDF 3.7MB)
19 Umesh Paswan Report (PDF 1.3MB) Report (PDF 1.2MB) Report(PDF 1.1MB) Report(PDF 3.7MB)
20 Varun Kumar Report (PDF 1.2MB) Report(PDF 788KB) Report(PDF 3.3MB)