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School Safety Programme in Dhanbad:


Safer schools are necessary to prevent lives of children during disasters. The concept of school safety, however, is not limited to preventing the collapse of school buildings in disasters, and safety of teachers and students, but rather extends to meet the broader goal “disaster risk reduction”. This is because today’s children are tomorrow’s adult citizens. What they learn about safety today significantly contributes towards development of “disaster risk resilient communities” for long run. Here lies the importance of disaster education under school safety.

Recognizing that school age children spend majority of their waking hours at school, there is always a high possibility that a fire incident or an earthquake or similar accident can struck while they are at school. Therefore, school campus and buildings need to be protected from disasters as they save life of children and they can also help to work as shelter in post disaster scenario. Moreover, resilient schools are effective medium for disseminating disaster risk reduction awareness in the communities, can act as center of learning, can be instrumental in transfer of technology to the communities and have significant role to build disaster resilient communities. Identification of possible hazards for individual school, developing disaster management plan, construction of building as per standards for earthquake resistant and fire safety norms, Installations of fire safety equipments, formation of school disaster management committee, etc are major steps for ensuring safety of children in schools from any disaster.  The activities like retrofitting of school and new construction with safety measures can spread message to the community of the importance of resilient buildings to reduce disaster impact.

What is School Safety Plan? Why schools need it?

 A School Safety Plan is systemic compilation of standard process, information and procedure to be followed by particular school management in order to minimize risks of natural or manmade hazards to students. It also incorporates mitigation plan like building construction standards, fire safety measures and response plan to respond to disasters in schools like fire, earthquake, drinking water contamination, etc.

Why we should conduct Emergency Mock Drills in Schools?

Once the School Safety Plan or Emergency Plan is in prepared than Constituted Disaster Management Committees, DM teams, Evacuation Plan, Response mechanism are required to be verified and practiced over and over again. Emergency Mock Drills is a method to keep practicing the emergency response mechanism and to equip personnel and schools with the knowledge, skills and inventory to ensure safety of school during any kind of disasters. Through Mock Drills, school management , teachers and children become aware of Do’s and Don’ts and also about evacuation plan, response plan and their role in emergency situation.

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