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India Disaster Resource Network :

“India Disaster Resource Network” is an initiative of Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India to create a centralized disaster resource inventory for broader use in case of any natural or manmade disasters across the country. All districts of the country have been instructed to upload inventory data of the district on website and keep updating the record for use.






IDRN, a web based information system, is a platform for managing the inventory of equipments, skilled human resources and critical supplies for emergency response. The primary focus is to enable the decision makers to find answers on availability of equipments and human resources required to combat any emergency situation. This database will also enable them to assess the level of preparedness for specific vulnerabilities.

Dhanbad Inventory

Since 2006-07, inventory data from Government Departments, BCCL, Coal Mining Agencies, hospitals, & Clinics, Police Department, Fire Department, Railways, etc have been collected on standard formats and uploaded on Dhanbad Disaster Resource Inventory part on IDRN. The District Administration keeps on updating the information on regular basis.