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District Disaster Management Authority and District Coordination Committee:

Dhanbad Disaster Management Authority

Dhanbad Disaster Management Authority has come into existence after notification by Government of Jharkhand vide Notice no.2/vk0iz0&40@2010&824@vk0iz0]jkWph dated 22.09.10.

DDMA Structure

As per  Disaster management Act 2005 and notification of GoJ,  Dhanbad  Disaster Management Committee have been constituted as following: -

1.       Deputy Commissioner, Dhanbad                          -              Chairperson

2.       Chairperson, Zila Parishad                                       -              Co-Chairperson

3.       Additional Collector                                                   -              Chief Executive Officer

4.       Superintendent of Police                                         -              Member

5.       Deputy Development Commissioner                  -              Member

6.       Chief Medical Officer                                                 -              Member             

7.       Executive Engineer, DW&SD                                   -              Member

 Minutes of the meeting

            Meeting minutes – 30th May 2011 (Click here)

            Meeting minutes – 19th October 2011 (Click here)

District Disaster Management Coordination Committee

Dhanbad district Disaster Management Coordination Committee has been constituted under chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner, Dhanbad vide Office Order no. 110//kuckn](District Statistics Office) dated 09.02.11. The following are the members of committee: -

1.       Deputy Commissioner, Dhanbad                        Chairperson

2.       Additional Collector                                                 Member

3.       Executive Engineer , DW&SD                                Member             

4.       Civil Surgeon cum Chief Medical Officer          Member

5.       District Cooperative Officer                                   Member

6.       District Agriculture Officer                                     Member

7.       District Transport Officer                                        Member

8.       District Mining Officer                                             Member

9.       Manager, Lead Bank                                                  Member

10.   Executive Engineer (Electricity)                           Member

11.   District Information Technology Officer           Member

12.   Assistant Director, Social Security                       Member

13.   Executive Engineer, Building Division               Member

14.   Factory Inspector                                                        Member

15.   Officer in Charge(ftyk lgk;~; “kk[kk)                   Member

16.   District Statistics Officer                                          Member Secretary