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Do’s and Don’ts


What to do before an Earthquake? What to do during an Earthquake?

 Learn about causes and  effects

 Keep a list of telephone  numbers like doctor, fire, police, ambulance etc and all your family members should know them

A meeting point or a common contact, both within and outside the city should be known to all the family members

Arrange your home in such a manner that it is easy to move around

  Attach shelves, cylinders, flower pots the wall of the room.

 Place heavy objects on the floor or in lower shelves

Keep the family kit and emergency kit ready

Retrofit your house

Carry out mock drills

Keep calm and keep others calm.

If you are at home or inside of a building, do not rush to the doors, keep away from windows and furniture protect yourself by staying under the lintel of an inner door -frame, under a table/bed.

If you are on the road in a built up area, walk towards an open place and do not run or wander.

Keep the roads free for movement of rescue and relief reams.

Keep away from old/tall/detached buildings, electricity wires, slopes and walls.

  If you are driving: stop the vehicle away from buildings, slopes, cables and stay inside the vehicle.


                          What to do after an Earthquake?

Keep calm and expect aftershocks

Do not turn on the switches of electrical appliances immediately

Clean up spillage of inflammable materials

Carry essential items when you move out.

   If people are buried in  the debris call for help of the rescue   team  and                your help

Do not go near damaged structures

Keep the roads clear for movement of relief/rescue teams





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