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The First Gazetter of Dhanbad, Jharkhand

    1. Introduction

    2. Chapter I (General)                                               (Page no. 1-38)

   3. Chapter II (History)                                                (Page no. 39-82)

   4. Chapter III (People)                                                (Page no. 83-168)

   5. Chapter IV (Agriculture)                                         (Page no. 169-195)

   6. Chapter V (Industries)                                           (Page no. 196-309)

   7. Chapter VI (Banking, Trade and Commerce)             (Page no. 310-355)

   8. Chapter VII (Communications)                                (Page no. 356-382)

   9. Chapter VIII (Economic Trends)                               (Page no. 383-448)

   10. Chapter IX (General Administration)                        (Page no. 449-497)

   11.Chapter X (Law, Order & Justice)                           (Page no. 498-585)

   12.Chapter XI (Local Self Government)                         (Page no. 586-610)

   13.Chapter XII (Education and Culture)                         (Page no. 611-645)

   14.Chapter XIII (Medical and Public Health Services)      (Page no. 646-666)

   15.Chapter XIV (Social Services and Public Life)           (Page no. 667-691)

   16.Chapter XV (Places of Interest)                               (Page no.692-727)

   17.Chapter XVI (Land Revenue Administration)              (Page no. 728-747)

   18.Appendix                                                              (Page no. 748-750)