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Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is a people’s movement for universal elementary education of satisfactory quality. This is an innovative project to give education to the people who are, so far, left out. This plan is the out come of rigorous collection of historical, geographical, social, economical and educational data.

The goal of universal elementary education of satisfactory quality has proved elusive so far. Significant efforts have been made in independent to expand the elementary school system to the remotest corners of the country. There has been improvement but not up to the desired level. In spite of rigorous efforts in the last Sixty years of independence, social and gender gaps continue to be a feature of our educational indicators. This has a negative impact on out guest for social justice and sustainable economic well being as the poorer households are unable to develop their full human capability.


The main objectives of Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan :

  • 100% Enrollment

  • 100% Retention

  • Education with quality

  • Bridge between gender and social gap


Facilities provided in Government Schools

1.  Free of cost admission.

2.  Free of cost text books provided to students.

3.  Free of cost uniform provided to marginalized section of society.

4.  Free distribution of bicycles to girl students (class-VIII)

5.  Free of cost computer education to all students.

6.  Regular health-check up of all students.

7.  Provision of aids for disabled children.

8.  Scholarship provided to students on the basis of attendance, merit, economic status.

9.  Provision of library.

10.Provision of remedial classes for academically weak students.

11.Exposure visits for children.

12.Additional class rooms in primary and middle schools.

13. Separate unit of toilets for girls and boys students.

14. Drinking water facilities for students within the campus of the school.

15. Provision of mid day meal for students.

16. Provision of kitchen shed for cooking mid day meal.

17. Provision of musical instruments and sports items.